Posted by: Scott WalkerQ105 | May 20, 2010

Fun 1 Mobile DJ Service Tampa, Florida

It’s our 32nd Anniversary and we’re celebrating by offering you a rate that fits your budget. Our prices now start at $650 . Call 727-409-2679. Myname is Scott Walker. I’m the owner and an entertainer for Fun 1. I’m proud to say that since 1978 Fun 1 formally know as Thunder and Lighting has grown into the finest and most recommended mobile DJ service. People really love our shows. Our approach is humorous and interactive—but always tasteful and appropriate. We can be involved from the very beginning of your reception or party—helping as the emcee to smoothly transition between events so you can relax and enjoy it with your guests. Mybackground is radio broadcasting. It has given me the opportunity to to emcee many events, parties and wedding receptions. Fun 1 is fortunate to have some great wedding and party DJ’s with lots of experience. Our DJ’s have high standards. We always wear a tuxedo, unless you specify otherwise. We arrive early and set up before your guests arrive and we do not drink alcohol or smoke at your event. Customer service is our highest priority and your complete satisfaction is how we measure our success.

Fun 1 has been pleasing customers and their guests at more than 1700 parties and wedding receptions over the last 32 years.

If you are ready for Reception Perfection then you are ready for Fun 1.

If you live in the Grand Rapids Michigan area just contact Drew Smith with

Fun1 Michigan



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