Fun 1 Questions


Q: How long do you play?

A: Our regular rate provides for up to 6 hours of music and begins when your guests arrive. If they come at 6 pm, then we’d play until midnight. We arrive early to set-up and stay late to tear down, but that time doesn’t count
against the six hours.

Q: Will you play for more than 6 hours?

A: Sure. If you get to the end of the six-hour block and want us to stay, just say so. The rate is negotiable.

Q: What do you wear?

A: We wear tuxedos unless you specify otherwise.

Q: Do you work alone?

A: All our DJ’s work alone and are not allowed to bring guests to your event.

Q: How far will you travel?

A: Most of our work is in Tampa Bay area but we have gone as far as Jacksonville. The best thing to do is call, tell us the location of your reception and see if we’ll go.

Q: What kind of equipment do you have?

A: We use professional audio and lighting equipment exclusively because of its superior sound and reliability. We do keep back-up equipment ready, just in case.

Q: Do you have lights?

A: All of our systems feature a complete lighting system including computer-controlled, sound-activated color spot lights as well as pin-spots and a mirror ball. While not extravagant, these systems wash a dance floor with colored light that dances to the beat of the music. It’s just right for setting the mood at your party.

Q: Can we meet with you before our event to explain the things we want?

A: We offer a “pre-event consultation” where you can sit down with your DJ and reviewthe plans for your reception or party. We’ll send you a confirmation card about a month and half before your event. It will invite you to call and schedule that meeting.

Q: How far in advance should we book you?

A: A year in advance is not too soon to call. People, who have seen us and really want us at their event, sometimes reserve their date three years in advance.


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