Fun1 Entertainers

Training: Our staff of dedicated DJs is among the best in
the industry. They are all graduates of the exclusive “Fun
101 EnterTraining Program.” This 6-month course includes hours
of training in the studio and at actual events where they perfect
their skills and presentation. They also receive on-going training
in the latest music, dance trends, and interactive ideas. Our DJs
learn how to be the best.

True Entertainers: Our DJs can be completely interactive—making all the announcements, acting as the emcee, and leading the fun
for you and your guests. This is especially helpful at wedding receptions
where your DJ can help by announcing the wedding party introduction,
prayers, toasts, bouquet and garter tosses, the cake cutting and
by offering entertaining ideas for the bride and groom kisses. If
you love to be entertained, our DJs can keep the party alive by
leading novelty dances or teaching a line dance. We use these interactive activities at your discretion and never steal the spotlight from the guests of honor. If you prefer a more subtle approach, your DJ can simply play great music, song-after-song.


Pre-Event Consultation: We reserve days and times each month
for meeting with our clients. We can sit down face-to-face and discuss
music, special requests—every detail of your event from start
to finish. We’ll understand exactly what you want and you’ll
feel more confident.


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